sâmbătă, 2 ianuarie 2016

CS:GO Rank Hack - Get Global Elite

CS:GO Rank Hack

  This website will help you hack your cs go rank based on your lifetime cs go stats . Simply enter your steam profile, steam64 or custom url/username and receive your stats. 

Based on those you are automatically put in a custom rank class, in order to change it, click on "Change your rank" .

Your rank will be automatically changed after a few hours after you receive your rank confirmation and confirmation number.

luni, 14 septembrie 2015

How to get CS:GO Items by sharing links

Hello guys ! In this tutorial I've showed you a website where you can get free CS:GO knives, weapons, stickers and cobblestone souvenir packages for free. 

All you have to do is to signup trough Steam and login, as soon as you do that you will have a unique click link that you will share to other people through facebook/youtube/forums/blogs .

When they will click your link, you will get an extra click that you can use to get a more expensive item or more !
CS:GO Click | Get CS:GO Items by sharing your link

marți, 25 august 2015

ARK: Survival Evolved Free Beta Keys Giveaway

In ARK:Survival Evolved you play as a man or woman stranded naked, freezing & starving on a mysterious island, you must hunt, harvest, craft items, grow crops, & build shelters to survive. Use skill and cunning to kill or tame & ride the Dinosaurs & primeval creatures roaming the land, & team up with hundreds of players or play locally!

The game is still in early access but since it's launch it received alot of attention from the users .
As a modern-era dinousaurs survival sandbox game, surviving the ark it's all about using your superior human brain to tame and train the wide variety of dinosaurs avaible.

In the pre-alpha stage, the game developers gave away a limited ammount of steam keys so the users can test and improve the game.

Since the game has finnaly reached the beta stage, they are giving away 300.000 steam keys for ark:survival evolved .

In order for you to get yours, simply go to ARK: Survival Evolved Free Steam Keys Giveaway and generate your own beta code.
Below is a video on how to do it yourself !

sâmbătă, 1 august 2015

Dota 2 Arcana Giveaway

Arcana items are among the rarest items in Dota 2. They come with extensive customizations such as particle effects, animations, icons, sounds, and more.The most wanted arcana items are the Manifold Paradox for Phantom Assassin and the Frost Avalanche for the Crystal Maiden.

If you want your own arcana bundle, this dota 2 arcana giveaway website can help you out.
Just vote your favourite arcana and activate the given code in your Dota 2 Armory though the "Redeem Code" button.

Below is a video on how to get yours and how to sell it on the market for a hudge profit.

vineri, 24 iulie 2015

Team Fortress 2 Unusual Weapons Giveaway

With the newest update in Team Fortress 2, the Gun Mettle update and the introduction of the unusual weapons, the prices for these new items have skyrocketed as more people wants them.

Team Fortress 2 Unusual Weapons Giveaway 

If you want your own free unusual weapon , this website can help you out, go ahead and generate your own unique random weapon and get it in your inventory. After you have generated it, claim it and download the key that will be activated via Steam just as a normal game.
The weapon will be in your inventory as soon as you enter the game.

Below is a tutorial on how to get your free tf2 unusual weapon .

vineri, 3 iulie 2015

Free Steam Game Keys Giveaway [2015]

Like a woman can't get enough shoes or clothes, a gamer can't have it's Steam library full. Even if most Steam games nowadays cost $60, some might find it hard to build a big Steam library.

That's why with this website you can get a free Steam key each day by spinning the game roulette.
You may be lucky enough to get a Fallout 4 key, a COD: Black Ops 3 key , a GTA V key or any other game they are giving away.

Steam Game Key Roulette | Humble Steam

Go to the "spin page" and try your luck with the steam game roulette and claim your key. After the key has been generated, just activate it via Steam and enjoy the game !

Each user has one spin each day, and each key it's for personal usage only so don't try to sell it !

Here's a youtube video showing how to get one too :

duminică, 21 iunie 2015

CS:GO Daily Skin Giveaway

With this website you can get a free item each day by spinning the item wheel.
Just go to Daily CS:GO Item Giveaway , go to the SPIN section and try your luck !
Each spin is a 100% win guarantee, there are no empty slots, and you can claim your item right away.

After you've claimed your item, just enter your Steam Trade URL and wait for the bot to send you the skin you've won !