duminică, 17 august 2014

Daily Point Rewards - Win Free Prizes by completing actions

Daily Point Rewards - Win Free Prizes by completing offers  is a website where you are having fun and where you can win free prizes such as Steam games, vouchers, PayPal cash or awesome prizes such as iPhone 5, iPad Air, PlayStation 4, Playstation Vita, Xbox One .

In order for you to win prizes you will have to earn free points by completing surveys, downloading and installing software and completing social offers.

You can see the full list of rewards here Daily Point Rewards

vineri, 20 iunie 2014

TF2WH Credit Hack [SEPTEMBER 2014]

Download : https://mega.co.nz/#!mU5n1CKD!N68sjzVM8gyeRf0pTzAd0Bj1m6c3vp8FxH6FVXlSGmo

This TF2WH Credit Hack lets you add a custom amount of credits to your account 100% safe in order for you to get the newest and best team fortress 2 items for free.

duminică, 13 aprilie 2014

HearthStone Hack v2.5 Download

HearthStone Hack v2.5 is a simple hack for HearthStone that unlocks all the possible cards from the game and injects coins, dust, packs and arena tickets. Features : 
-Coins Injector
-Dust Injector
-Custom Rank
-Free Arena Tickets
-Free Cards Packs
 -Unlocks ALL the basic / reward / expert / promo and legendary cards from the selected heroes .

This hack does not modify the structure in the battle.net database directly BUT it modifies the values in your HearthStone client and afterwards the client will modify the values from the online server of battle.net therefore it makes the injected values (coins/dust/packs/etc) to be 100% genuie therefore there is no posibility to get your account banned.

luni, 7 aprilie 2014

Free Oculus Rift Giveaway

Sice Facebook bought Oculus Rift, they had chosen a limited amount of people to test their devices in this case Oculus Rift DK2 so as a result, they are making a giveaway for a free piece of Developer Kit 2 to anyone who is willing to beta test their devices.
Oculus Rift can be used to play various games such as Minecraft, Skyrim, Mirror’s Edge, team Fortress 2 in a hyper-realistic 3D virtual Reality .
If you want to get a free Oculus Rift DK go to Oculus Rift Giveaway and order your free piece .
The shipping is free and no VAT tax is applied .

joi, 6 februarie 2014

Free Dota 2 Golden Couriers Giveaway

Couriers are vanity items in Dota2 and what way to show it more like owning a golden courier .
Dota2 Free Golden Couriers are offering them for free, pick either the Golden Baby Roshan or the Golden Greevil, complete the smple facebook steps and download your courier key and activate it on Steam>Activate a product on Steam
So go to Dota2 Golden Courier Giveaway and get your free courier .