sâmbătă, 18 februarie 2017

Make money completing offers, doing surveys and installing apps - 2017

Offeryo is a website that pays you to install apps or to complete consumer surveys. The offers pay around $50/offer and the apps an average of $30/installed app (and go as much as $270 as you saw in the video) .

You can spend the money that you've earned at the store https://offeryo.com/store.php

There are many great achivements you can complete and earn extra money

Earn money online completing offers, doing surveys and installing apps.

marți, 27 decembrie 2016

How to get FREE CS:GO Gloves 2017

In this tutorial I've shown you guys how to get free CS GO gloves with a free cs go skins website . Simply go to that website, sign in through Steam and play 2048 untill the game fills up. After that, claim your prize and withdraw it to your tradeurl. 

As you've seen, I've won a ★ Driver Gloves | Diamondback that cost ~ $200 on the market right now. From my point of view, it's a better way to get cs go gloves than unboxing .

So that's it guys, as far as I've noticed, custom skins had already taken over Counter-Strike:Global Offensive so the next step had to be custom CS:GO gloves skins . What would they release next ? Custom arms ?

vineri, 30 septembrie 2016

How to get free Steam, Origin or battle.net Games

With this website you can get free Steam, Origin or battle.net games.

Sign up through Steam and pick any free game key from Battlefield 1 , Overwatch Origins, Rocket League, GTA V and many more.

Get your unique URL and share it to social media or send it to your friends so they can vote for you. Gather enough votes and download your free game key.

vineri, 26 august 2016

How to make money online - Ultraworkers Review

Ok first of all, the best way to get your account running at it's peak is to get at least 1 ultraworker, you can either buy it with paypal or with your earnings.

Just complete 2-3 offers, buy an ultraworker then you have a $1 daily guaranteed, repeat untill you have enough ultraworkers to bring you a decent ammount of daily passive invome.
Don't stop just there, keep on sharing your link, the regular workers earn a decent amount of cash so it's better to have at least 10-20 regular workers daily.
Making money online was never easy, the start is the hardest part.

Sign up for an account and start earning !

joi, 21 iulie 2016

How to get Free Dota 2 Items 2016

In this video I've shown you guys a method to get free dota 2 items. Just go to that website, sign in through steam and based on the number of hours played you can get free dota 2 arcana , immortal, couriers, sets and many many more cool skins.

Redeem them by activating the key just like a normal steam game.
The items are fully tradable and marketable.

Enjoy this free and safe method to get free dota 2 skins without a hack.

luni, 18 iulie 2016

Pokemon Go Free Pokecoins Hack

In this video I've shown you guys a method to get free pokecoins  with this pokemon go hack. This tool can work on all platforms, and all regions including android and iOS without hacking the apk or even connecting your phone to your computer.

With this pokemon go pokecoins generator you can add as many free pokecoins as you want, and you can always protect yourself with proxy or the invisible mode.

Enjoy unlimited pokecoins and unlimited fun in pokemon go guys !

sâmbătă, 9 iulie 2016

How to get a FREE CS:GO Knife in 2016

Hello guys !
In this video I've shown you a method on how to get a free cs go karambit knife.
First of all, this isn't a cs go knife hack and can be used without worries. Use this free cs go knife giveaway to get a free cs go skin for your Steam inventory that you can trade or sell.

Go to the website and generate your random cs go knife, pick one, complete the steps and generate your key.
After you've generated your cs go key, activate it as a normal Steam game through Games - Activate a Product on Steam.

This method is limited to one knife per Steam user so you can't get two free knives.