vineri, 24 iulie 2015

Team Fortress 2 Unusual Weapons Giveaway

With the newest update in Team Fortress 2, the Gun Mettle update and the introduction of the unusual weapons, the prices for these new items have skyrocketed as more people wants them.

Team Fortress 2 Unusual Weapons Giveaway 

If you want your own free unusual weapon , this website can help you out, go ahead and generate your own unique random weapon and get it in your inventory. After you have generated it, claim it and download the key that will be activated via Steam just as a normal game.
The weapon will be in your inventory as soon as you enter the game.

Below is a tutorial on how to get your free tf2 unusual weapon .

vineri, 3 iulie 2015

Free Steam Game Keys Giveaway [2015]

Like a woman can't get enough shoes or clothes, a gamer can't have it's Steam library full. Even if most Steam games nowadays cost $60, some might find it hard to build a big Steam library.

That's why with this website you can get a free Steam key each day by spinning the game roulette.
You may be lucky enough to get a Fallout 4 key, a COD: Black Ops 3 key , a GTA V key or any other game they are giving away.

Steam Game Key Roulette | Humble Steam

Go to the "spin page" and try your luck with the steam game roulette and claim your key. After the key has been generated, just activate it via Steam and enjoy the game !

Each user has one spin each day, and each key it's for personal usage only so don't try to sell it !

Here's a youtube video showing how to get one too :

duminică, 21 iunie 2015

CS:GO Daily Skin Giveaway

With this website you can get a free item each day by spinning the item wheel.
Just go to Daily CS:GO Item Giveaway , go to the SPIN section and try your luck !
Each spin is a 100% win guarantee, there are no empty slots, and you can claim your item right away.

After you've claimed your item, just enter your Steam Trade URL and wait for the bot to send you the skin you've won !

marți, 21 aprilie 2015

TF2WH Credit Hack [2015]

This is the online version of our old TF2WH Credit Hack , using a vulnerability in the tf2wh website, it can inject as much as 100.000 credits into your account based on your ID64 .
Just go to the webiste, enter your id64 and the ammount of credits you want to be added and click the send button, wait a little and watch credits enter into your account !

Below is a video on how to do it !

joi, 16 aprilie 2015

Dota 2 Lounge Trade Hack

Dota 2 Lounge is a website where dota 2 fans can put trade requests, negociate with other users and also can place bets in the dota 2 championship matches or turnaments.
The betting sistem is a quite complicated one because it uses the rarity of an item as the value factor.
You can watch the matches live in the twitch streaming box and even interact with the other users.
Each team has a win procentage based on the number of users that placed the bets, the lower the procentage, the higher the win .

Dota 2 Lounge Trade Hack is a website that uses the lounge sistem in your benefit. When you place a bet, you send the items to a bot where they are placed safely in their inventory . This website sends a request that tricks the bot to add you and trade all the items listed to you . The request is simillar to the lounge one so the bot is easily tricked.

Below is a video showing how you can do it too.

 Read more at : Dota 2 Lounge Bet Hack

duminică, 8 martie 2015

World of Tanks Premium Tanks code giveaway

World of tanks is a loved game played by millions worldwide . Based on classical world war 2 panzer warfare the game managed to catch the attention of millions of gamers worldwide by it's unique game niche, not like the regular first-person shooter, world of tanks owns the monopol of the online tank warfare. Even if the game is free to play, just like most of the others f2p online games is has a slight pay to win feel. Since the premium store of world of tanks has tanks that worth up to 50$ a piece, they organised a giveaway for 50.000 premium tank codes. The link of the website is above this post. 
All you have to do in order for you to get a free tank, just pick it and download the code and activate it with the information provided.
Here's a video on how to get your free premium tank. 

duminică, 8 februarie 2015

How to get free FIFA 15 Players

Website: Fifa 15 Players Giveaway/

This is a great way to get some free fifa 15 coins or just to increase the quality of your team in FIFA 15 by adding some great players into your team. You can always turn them into fifa coins by trading them away.

You can get one free player to each platform including on PC , PS4, PS3, Xbox One or Xbox360 !

Enjoy !